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Upcoming Workshops and Activities

Upcoming Workshops and Activities

19 – 20 March 2016 – Marriage Convention 2016

Families for Life brings to you Marriage Convention 2016!

Someone once said…..“Happy marriages begin when we choose to marry the ones we love and they blossom when we are committed to love the ones we marry.”

Join us at Marriage Convention 2016 and find out more about how to create your lifelong journey of “My Love. Our Marriage” with your spouse!

Hear from internationally- renowned clinical psychologist, Dr. Huang Wei-Jen, also known as Dr. Love, and other local marriage experts for insights on how couples at different stages of marriage can strengthen their relationship.

Different sessions apply for soon-to-wed and married couples at different life stages.

More details.

27 February 2016 – Empowering your Teem to Excel

The education system for children in Singapore is one that is highly competitive and results-driven. How can parents help their teens be better prepared to face the challenges in school?
This interactive talk-cum-workshop aims to provide information and tools for parents to better prepare their children for school thru examining these topics:

  • Concept of learning today
  • Factors affecting learning and academic performance
  • Understanding learning styles
  • Methods of effective learning
  • Roles of parents in helping children learn effectively

In this program, parents will be given time to ask questions dealing with issues such as understanding their child’s learning style and switching to a more appropriate parenting style to nurture effective and happy learners. There will also be handouts giving information on effective learning and creating a good learning environment at home.


Mr Mohamed Noor Mohamed Khair B is a consultant who has trained thousands of people in Singapore and other countries, including government, corporate companies and the community. Mohamed Khair is often invited as a resource and motivation for the programs in TV and Radio Mediacorp.  He is also one of the speakers for Marriage Convention 2016.

This talk will be held on 27 February 2016 from 1000 to 1200 at the AVA Room.

30 January 2016 Connecting with your Teens Workshop

Connecting with your teen explores the changes and challenges that parents and teens are facing with each other today; it examines the methods we use and the things we say and do that put our teens down, thus causing them to repel rather than draw near to us; it also provides simple tips on how we can stay connected with our teens while still remaining sane and steadfast at the same time. More details.

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