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1 to 1 Computing

1 to 1 Computing

The Spectra 1 to 1 Computing Programme aims to support the General Philosophy in Learning. In particular, the belief that every student learns at a different pace.

The learning device can be used to access instructional videos made by teachers, system generated questions for attaining mastery and the Internet for common knowledge. These resources allow the teacher to assign different work to different students, customised to their learning needs. More able  students can thus move ahead while the weaker ones can spend more time practicing to master the current chapter.

Based on the objective of the 1 to 1 Computing Programme, we require every student to have access to a learning device. To make it easy for parents to buy a learning device that meets the teaching requirement of the school, the school conducts a tender every year to source for suitable devices at the best price possible. This greatly helps parents who are not familiar with computer specifications.

We also understand that some families will have difficulties purchasing their own learning devices. We have Financial Support as well as a Loan System to ensure that every student has access to a learning device, at least in school, regardless of their family’s financial circumstances.

Learning Device requirements

The school only requires basic requirements in the learning device.

  1. Less than 2kg in weight (for easy transport)
  2. Screen Size of 13 to 14 inch (for easy transport)
  3. i5 processor or equivalent
  4. 4 gigabytes of ram
  5. Microsoft Office (including Outlook) [Free for all students in Spectra]
  6. Corel Video Studio Pro X8  (an advanced video editing software)

Financial Support

Financial support is available to help families who have difficulties purchasing a learning device. There are 3 main sources of support:

  1. NEU PC Scheme (IDA)
  2. Inspire Fund (IDA)
  3. Opportunity Fund (MOE)
Financial Support Range of Subsidy
NEU PC Scheme (IDA) 50% or 75% (depending on income level)
Inspire Fund (IDA) 25%
Opportunity Fund (MOE) Dependent on available funds left

These financial support schemes all have individual criteria based on family income level and are similar to the MOE Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS) requirements. In addition, they can stack on top of each other, resulting in some families getting their learning device for free.

Upon Secondary 1 registration, we will assist families in applying for these financial support. For our first two cohorts, we manage to assist 60% of our students in getting their learning device hugely subsidised.

For students who do not qualify for any of the above financial support, they can approach the school to enquire for further assistance. Based on the availability of loan sets, we have a loan system to assist them.

Loan system

The Loan System aims to help students who do not qualify for any financial support or do not want to buy a learning device because they already have a computer at home but cannot bring it to school everyday.

The school will determine the students who are eligible for the loan. There are 2 main types of loan

  1. Termly Loan
  2. Weekly Loan

The loaned device is school property and in the event of damage, there will be compensation required. The compensation will be based on how old the loaned device is. The older the device, the lower the compensation. Upon loan, parents will be informed of the maximum amount of compensation (if the device is damaged beyond repair). Parents can specifically choose to loan an older device to lower their risk in the event their child damages the loaned device.

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